Union Bridge, Horncliffe – the oldest suspension bridge in the world

Union Bridge, also known as Chain Bridge, traversing the River Tweed near Horncliffe in Berwick upon Tweed, was the first suspension bridge built in Europe for vehicles. It is the oldest suspension bridge still in use in the world.

It is a single lane bridge, limited to one vehicle at a time. The bridge was constructed in 1820 by Captain S Brown of the Royal Navy. In the past the river was crossed by a ford, as the tide no longer affects the river at this point.

Union Bridge is only a couple of miles of the A1, signposted to turn west at the A689 to Coldstream at the roundabout south of Berwick upon Tweed. Chain Bridge Honey Farm is a few hundred metres from the bridge.

Beekeeper’s outfit at the Chain Bridge Honey Farm

It’s an interesting and beautiful historic site to visit if you are in North Northumberland or the Scottish Borders.

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