The Natural Beauty of Delphi, Greece


Nestled in the mountains of central Greece and just a two and a half hour drive from Athens lies the ruins of Delphi (as well as a town, but it’s the old stuff that’s interesting). The archaeological site, which is also a World Heritage Site, is most famous for the oracle of Delphi.


However, Delphi has so much more to offer than ancient prophesies. The Temple of Apollo is marked by a few beautiful remaining columns. The stadium gives rise to visions of ancient footraces with thousands of spectators filling the seats still visible today. And of course, a large theater. From its place on the side of a mountain it looks out over the Temple of Apollo and the valley below. It was this very view that caught my attention.


I love history. To read it. To see it. I love to romanticize it and imagine what life was like. But what truly took my breath away was not the ruins, which were amazing, but the setting. To be honest, I wasn’t prepared for the mountains of Greece. The jagged rock and sheer cliff faces were an intimidating backdrop to the ancient ruins. Really, a beautiful juxtaposition to the spectacular view to the valley below.


In fact, the scenery allowed me to romanticize the history of Delphi even more. The ancient kings coming to consult the oracle. The worship of Apollo. The early forms of athletic competition. The World Heritage Site designation is well-deserved at Delphi.

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