Interactive art in Karlsruhe, south-west Germany

If you’re taking a reluctant museum or gallery visitor on your travels in southern Germany, then I wholeheartedly recommend trying the ZKM – Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe. It’s kind of like a combination between an art gallery, scientific museum and a technology exhibition and it really makes for a fascinating afternoon.

Karlsruhe ZKM

There are fixed and rotating exhibitions which all somehow relate to some artistic expression using technology, and a lot of them include hands-on demonstrations for visitors – no surprise since ZKM also sells itself as the world’s first museum for “interactive art”. When I was there, my favourite exhibition involved a computer projection of bubbles onto a large white wall – visitors could gently push the bubbles around by lining up their shadow on the wall with the bubbles, and if you pushed too hard, the bubbles burst.

Karlsruhe ZKM

Karlsruhe is a nice south-west German stop in any case, if you’re down towards Baden Baden or the Black Forest, so I’d recommend a day or two there. The ZKM – Center for Art and Media is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, though, so I’d plan around that.

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