Get a Visa Electron now to avoid some low cost airlines’ booking and card payment fees

If you book a few flights a year with low cost airlines, you could save yourself a tidy sum by paying for your flights with a  Visa Electron card and avoiding the additional booking and/or payment fees. Visa Electron cards are available with some basic current accounts such as the Halifax Easycash Account. However from 1 January 2010 you will need to use a Mastercard prepaid debit card to avoid the Ryanair admin fees.



Booking fees: 3.5% (min £5) for all types of payments except Visa Electron or Solo, no charge for Visa Electron or Solo.

Payment fees: Payment made by credit card an additional fee of 3.5%.  Payment by paypal an additional fee of 1.5%.


Booking fees: £9.00 on all bookings.

Payment fees: Payment by credit card an additional fee of 2.5% (min £4.95)


Payment fees:  Payment by debit card, £3 per person per flight (min £4) Payment by credit card, £4.50 per person per flight (min £6).  Payment by Visa Electron no fee.

Do bear in mind that if your total transaction cost is more than £100 that you will have additional protection if you pay by credit card, so it could be a wise move to pay for more expensive flights by credit card for extra protection in case the airline goes bust. However for cheap flights costing under £100 in total, there’s no point in paying these additional card payment fees.

It’s wise to apply for a Visa Electron card and a Mastercard prepaid debit card now, so you’re poised to avoid these additional booking and/or card payment charges next time you spot a bargain flight with a low cost airline.