Free Skype to Skype calls on 3 Mobile

The 3 UK network is now offering free Skype to Skype calls from your mobile phone. This seems like a great offer, enabling you to make free calls when you are on the move, using Skype software loaded onto your mobile. However curremtly you do a need a 3 X series mobile phone to use the free Skype to Skpye call service. 3 state that this is not a limited offer but the free calls are forever with no data charges.

If you purchase a pay as you go (PAYG) phone you can start making the free Skype callls as soon as you are connected without ever having to top up your phone. The cheapest PAYG phone with free Syype calls is £75.

It seems better value to go for a 6 month contract at £15 a month, which would give you 300 minutes or texts a month for a total outlay of £90.

Sony Ericsson C510_MM300_Skype_at_3mobile

I use Skype on my netbook to make free calls but having the ability to make free Skype calls from a mobile would be more convenient that having to carry around a netbook all the time.

I’m tied into a mobile phone contract with 02 until December 2009. but I will consider a 3 mobile contract then. The other attraction of having a 3 mobile is that you receive a 25% discount on 3 mobile broadband if you an existing 3 customter. I’ve been doing some research into mobile broadband as I’ve not been having much success with my free Fon wifi and the whole point of having a netbook is to be able to access the internet when I’m travelling.

Have you used the 3 network to make free Skype to Skype calls using a mobile phone, what’s your evaluation of the service?