Visiting Anne Frank House in Amsterdam

Heather’s recent post mentioning the Anne Frank Museum in Berlin reminded me of what’s probably the most interesting museum I’ve ever visited: the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.

Anne Frank House

This collection of exhibits is actually located in the very place where Anne Frank and her family hid, although the museum has spilled into the next door building now. It’s exceptionally well curated with a mix of media and the advantage of an inherently interesting subject – an innocent girl who loved writing in her diary but got caught up in the anti-semitism of World War II and tragically ended up dying in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp shortly before the war ended.

You can see video of Anne’s father, the lists of “Jew transports” showing her family members after their hiding place was discovered and they were sent to concentration camps, photographs and most amazing to me, you can actually see Anne’s diary. I was moved to tears several times during my visit to the Anne Frank House.

I’ve heard that there are sometimes long queues for entry to this (understandably popular) museum. When I went, I arrived quite late in the day in summer, when the museum is open until 10.00pm, and I didn’t have to wait long, so that might be a good strategy. Anne Frank House opens every day at 9am, and the closing time depends on the month; check exact opening hours here. The cost is €8.50 for adults, which will seem very reasonable once you’ve seen what a great place it is.

Image – Nallstar via CC