The Istrian city of Pula, Croatia in pictures

I’d read about the Istrian city of Pula on the Europe a la Carte blog in Jason Green’s post “The other side of Croatia – Pula“. Here’s my pictorial tour of Pula taken during my visit to Istria in April 2009.

The Coliseum in Pula is very well preserved and pretty impressive. It’s the venue for many outdoor concerts.

Roman temple Pula

The Temple of Augustus, Pula

Pula Roman Arch

The Roman triumphal Arch of Sergius, one of the gateyways to the old town of Pula

Pink house Pula

A pretty pink house in Pula with three inlaid busts

Pula square

The main square, Pula

Pula square

Street scene, Pula

I think that the city of Pula makes a very intersting day trip and the Coliseum was the highlight of my visit. Personally I’d prefer to stay in Rovinj if I were visiting Istria again. That’s partly because although Pula is situated on the coast, there is no direct access to the seafront from the city as there is a large dockyard, (you can see one of the cranes to the left of the Temple of Augustus in my photo above).

Have you visited Pula? What did you most like about it?

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