Why I’m giving up hosting Blog Carnivals

I started hosting the Europe Travel Blog Carnival on the Europe a la Carte Blog in March 2008. I wanted to create a Carnival which would be more than a rather ugly cut and paste job by adding photos and my own comments to the submissions.

Carnaval de Putignana

Carnaval de Putignana by loloieg

It was pretty time consuming collating the monthly editions. I was bombarded with submissions that had nothing to do with travel in Europe and general spam. However one of the main issues I had was the the authors of the submission didn’t bother to link back to the Blog Carnival in order to give everyone involved more publicity.

Now after more than one year of hosting monthly Blog Carnivals, I’ve reached the stage of thinking, why I am bothering spending hours every month preparing a Carnival and decided to call it a day. There are plenty of other things on which I could be spending my time.

Do you host a Blog Carnival, if so do you see it as a worthwhile investment of your time? If you submit to Blog Carnivals do you link back to the Canival?