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Finally. The long-awaited spring has come to Stockholm. The sun has been shining. The ice has melted away. The flowers are showing themselves. Stockholm is in the throes of spring.

Aside from the natural signs of spring, there are a few man-made signs here in Stockholm. Like the throngs of people sitting along the water eating ice cream. Or the blinding white skin of Swedes everywhere. But most important, is the return of outdoor seating.

Everywhere you look, cafes, restaurants, and bars are setting up their tables and chairs along the sidewalk. But one place rises above the rest. The best outdoor seating in Stockholm: Mosebacke Etablissement.

View over Stockholm

Situated on top of a hill on Södermalm, the island just south of Old Town, Mosebacke looks north out towards the city. From it, you can see the many church spires of Stockholm, as well as the Royal Castle and City Hall.

The restaurant/bar boasts some of the best live music that Stockholm has to offer. Not only that, but during the spring and summer months, the outdoor seating is filled with people reveling in the Swedish sunshine, having a beer, or maybe playing foosball near the outdoor bar.

Mosebacke - Stockholm, Sweden

You can never choose your weather when you travel, but you can choose what you do with it. And if you find yourself in Stockholm with the sun shining, make your way to Södermalm and Mosebacke for a drink.

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