Ludwigsburg’s fairytale gardens, near Stuttgart

With spring around the corner, my favourite gardens in Germany have sprung to mind – the Bluehendes Barock in the town of Ludwigsburg, just north of Stuttgart. This is a huge park including incredible gardens of all kinds, plus a fairy tale garden that any German kid from the area remembers visiting as a child.

Bluehendes Barock

Their 2009 season opens this week, on March 20. If you visit there are two main options – just visiting the gardens (including the fairy tale area) for €7.50, or going into the palace buildings there too, for a full price of €15 per adult. Personally, I’ve always found the gardens are more than enough to take in during a day, but perhaps if the weather’s not so great you might want to try the palace buildings too. I adore the fairy tale park – especially since so many of the stories we hear as kids originated in Germany, it seems quite appropriate to see a German rendition of it.

Fairy Tale Garden

The park is open from 7.30am to 8.30pm once the season opens, and in 2009 the gardens will remain open until November 1; the opening season is similar each year but check their website to be sure.

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