Hum: The World’s Smallest Town


If you happen to be along Croatia’s Istrian coast, be sure to visit the little town of Hum. It holds the unique distinction of being the world’s smallest town.

To be honest, Hum, with a population of approximately 23 inhabitants, is just your regular hilltop village, smaller in fact. But a shout out from the good people at the Guinness World Records, has put this tiny town firmly on the tourist trail.

Still, there is something about the medieval charm held within Hum’s fortified walls; it resembles a set from a period drama rather than a town. And what Hum lacks in size, it makes up in history. Right from the eleventh century iron town gates to the remains of the ancient script carved across the town, Hum truly belongs to another time.

The twin lanes that make up Hum’s complex street system are dotted with old stone homes and a local museum (of course). At the heart of the town is the towering St. Jerolim Church. It holds aged frescoes and inscriptions in the ancient Glagolitic script, said to be the first form of written Croatian. Hum is also the last point on the Glagolitic alley, a walking trail that stretches through several little villages, commemorating the lost script. 

Once you’ve scouted all the history and taken numerous pictures, head to the local pub. It serves a special homemade brandy prepared from a 2000 year old secret recipe, full of herbs and other things good; making it the perfect last stop on an intriguing trip.

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