Pictish drawings in the Wemyss Caves, Scotland

Last Summer I visited the Wemyss Caves which lie on the east coast of Scotland in Fife. It’s believed that many of the cave drawings date from Pictish times, almost 2000 years ago.

Fish drawing at Wemyss Caves

Fish Drawing from Jonathan’s Cave

All of my photos were taken in Jonathan’s Cave, named after an 18th century nail maker who lived the cave.

Trident drawing, Jonathan's Cave

Trident drawing from Jonathan’s Cave

The drawings have not been well preserved or protected, which is rather strange for such a unique collection of cave drawings and there have been acts of vandalism in the caves.

Bull drawing, Wemyss Caves

Horses drawing from Jonathan’s Cave

Have you been to see the Pictish drawing in Wemyss Caves  in Fife, Scotland?