Where to take your bike in Amsterdam

As you probably know, bike is the only way to travel in Amsterdam – it is quick, efficient, and environmentally friendly.  However, it can be difficult to decide where to take your bike out for a spin.  I’ve mentioned Amsterdamse Bos before, but there are other great places to spend the day, including:

where to take your bike in amsterdam

Art in Westerpark – Copyright by Andrew Hayes

Westerpark.  This is located on the west side of the city (hence the name, of course) and is one of the nicest parks.  There is lots of artwork dropped about in strange places, including a wedding dress “thing” floating in a pond.  It sounds strange, but it’s fun.  Plus there is a cinema, bakery, and other hidden goodies to be explored.

Head North.  Take the free ferry across the Ij River that leaves directly behind Centraal Station.  From here follow the bike trails that are well labeled.  You can follow the coastline for miles, and the bike path is on top of the dikes – giving you the best view.

Vondelpark.  Yes, everyone knows about the Vondelpark, but the fact remains it is the best people-watching spot in Amsterdam, if not in all of Benelux.  Street performers, skating, comedians, duck ponds, pubs and cafes – you can find it all right here.

Just Ride.  Do you really need a destination in mind?  Just head in a direction that feels good and if you get bored, make a left.  Or a right.  While it is easy to get lost, it’s also easy to get home – cycle until you find a sign for ‘Centraal Station’ and follow it.

Do you have a favourite bike-based destination in Amsterdam?  Tell us in the comments.