Food-lover’s paradise in Barcelona’s Boqueria Market

Barcelona is one of my favourite cities, especially for aimless wandering (there’s always something intriguing to see) and for eating, too. When my budget is getting low I always like to check out local food markets and Barcelona’s Boqueria Market is one that’s stuck in my memory.

It’s a huge area these days, and filled with a mix of locals and tourists. The seafood section is popular (though smelly, of course) but I avoided it since I didn’t have any way to cook things up – the fruit and veg section was more interesting for me and then I found an incredible stand of sweets and yes, made a few purchases.

Even if you’re not hungry, you should check out the Boqueria, and it’s easy to find as it runs off La Rambla. With a history that goes back to the thirteenth century there are many stories to be found there – and plenty of delicious snacks. It’s open all day, every day – until about eight in the evening, usually.

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