Europe Travel Carnival 1 December 2008

Europe Travel Carnival 1 December 2008

Europe Travel Carnival 1 December 2008Welcome to the December 2008 edition of the Europe Travel Carnival, where my aim is select great posts to inform, inspire and entertain readers who love travel in Europe.


In How can I be sore THERE!? posted at Wide Awake in Wonderland, we read about Vanessa Wolf’s caving adventures in the Budapest Caves. There are around 200 caves located under Budapest formed by the springs which feed the thermal baths in the city.

Europe Travel Carnival 1 December 2008

Budapest Caves

GrrlScientist writes about London’s Regents Park posted at Living the Scientific Life, saying, “This photo essay contains descriptive text, my Regent’s Park bird list, a nursery rhyme, and lots of gorgeous images.” Regents Park certainly seems to be popular with bird watchers as I found loads of bird photos when searching for “Regents Park” on Flickr.

Europe Travel Carnival 1 December 2008

Regents Park

Christopher Cook presents Tickets To The Alhambra: posted at -noambit -Travel Europ, saying, “Anyone headed to Granada Spain is going to do two things; eat free tapas with their beer purchase and visit the Alhambra. In this article I outline how to go about purchasing tickets for this awe inspiring collection of palaces as well as how to arrive at the hilltop Fortress.” We visited Granada many years ago when I was pregnant and it was a wonderful city.

Europe Travel Carnival 1 December 2008

Alhambra, Granada


Khan predicts that most of the tourist who visit Venice will end up getting lost in The Streets of Venice posted at European Travel Blog. It’s a small price to pay for wandering around this beautiful city. Yes Venice is full of tourists but I’d still rate it as a must see European city.

Europe Travel Carnival 1 December 2008


Mark presents Underground Fantasy (Skocjan Caves, Slovenia) posted at Travel Wonders of the World. That’s a coincidence to have two posts about caves in the same Carnival. The Skocjan Caves in Slovenia do look amazing.

Europe Travel Carnival 1 December 2008

Skocjan Caves, Slovenia

Hairy Swede presents Alla Helgons Dag and a Urinary Emergency in Sweden posted at A Swedish American in Sweden, Here’s another coincidence Anna Etmanska of the Europe a la Carte blogging tean wrote about the Skogskyrkogarden cemetery, burial site of Greta Garbo, where she also had great trouble locating the toilet facilities. I’m always relieved to hear about other travellers having issues with finding toilets, it reassures me that I’m not the only person who finds this all an annoying distraction.

Europe Travel Carnival 1 December 2008

Skogkyrkogarden Cememtery, Stockholm

Sue presents Sicily Travel posted at AtlasSue. Sicily is another one of the destinations I’ve been wanting to visit for ages but it’s not very easy or cheap to reach from either Scotland or north east England.

Europe Travel Carnival 1 December 2008

Golfo di Macari S Vito lo Capo. Tranpani, Sicily

Jul describes her trip to Zurich with melted cheese and chocolate high on the list of attractions in Toasting Obama in Zurich posted at This non-American Life.

Europe Travel Carnival 1 December 2008

Cheese Fondue

Restaurants and Food

In My Top 10 London Restaurant Recommendations posted at londonelicious: a london restaurant blog, there are recommendations for “food the people” style of London restaurants.

Europe Travel Carnival 1 December 2008

London South Bank by night

In Croatia: Safe Haven for Celliacs from the Gluten Free World Traveller the Alaskan Goddess was happily surprised at how easy it was to request that food be prepared to her requirements when she visited Rovinj in Croatia.

Europe Travel Carnival 1 December 2008

Rovinj, Croatia

Travel Tips

Christopher Cook presents Audio Tours posted at -noambit -Travel Europe- where to go, saying, “Instead of lugging heavy guidebooks around, and following a crowd of people chasing after some lady holding up an umbrella why not see the sights at your own pace and spend a lot less. Audio tours that can be downloaded directly to your MP3 player are a great new way to travel light, on your own time frame and save money. This article will tell you how they work as well as provide a list of reputable companies providing such tours.” Now I tried an audio tour at the Prestongrange Industrial Heritage Museum near Edinburgh and couldn’t get it to work. Continuing the Scottish theme, when I was searching Flickr to find a photo for this submission the photo below taken at Stirling Castle attracted my attention because it looked as though the young people were enjoying themselves. I lived in the Stirling area in central Scotland for 19 years.

Europe Travel Carnival 1 December 2008

Audio Tour, Stirling Castel

Sasha reviews the new ebook “Travelling Europe” written by Craig and Linda Martin of Indie Travel Podcast in If you want to start travelling Europe, you know what to do posted at Yankee in a New World.

Europe Travel Carnival 1 December 2008

Quai de Seine, Paris

Other topics

Cynthia Caughey presents How it all began posted at Adventures of an American Woman in the French Alps. Now being of a romantic disposition I loved reading about how Cynthia discovered l’amour travelling in France and how it ended up in her decamping from the States to live in France. Who says holiday romances don’t last?

Europe Travel Carnival 1 December 2008

Le Mont Ventoux

I hope that you’ve enjoyed your Carnival trip around Europe. If you’d like to submit to the January edition of the Europe Travel Carnival, published on 5 January 2009, the submission deadline is 29 December 2008. Any submission should be directly related to travel in Europe.

Europe Travel Carnival 1 December 2008

6 thoughts on “Europe Travel Carnival 1 December 2008

  1. Anna Etmanska

    Ha! And Hairy didn’t even manage to find Greta Garbo’s grave!
    And now Karen, you can REALLY see for yourself that there’s something seriously wrong when it comes to toilet facilities at that particular World Heritage Site. ;)

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  3. Chris

    I agree some audio tours can be hit and miss; particularly and surprisingly those that are purchased from the historical sight itself. I’d stick to those smaller companies like the one’s listed in my article mentioned above for quality, solid facts and entertainment.

  4. Karen Bryan

    Anna – it seems as though visitors to Skogkyrkogarden Cememtery had better not have any liquids for a few hours prior to their visit.

    Chris – Luckily the audio tour I couldn’t get to work was free of charge and there were information boards around the site.

    Marilyn – I know what you mean. Cheese fondues the “in thing” in the UK on the 1970s bu I don’t think I’ve had one since.

  5. Andy Hayes

    Just two thoughts on another wonderful carnival…

    Sicily: Thanks for that, I’ve also had this on my list but it is indeed hard to reach from Scotland.

    Fondue: Fondue is fab. Always will be. :)

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