Lopud: An Elaphite Island, Croatia

The Elaphite Islands are a small group of 6 islands that are located close to Dubrovnik, which is in the southern part of Croatia. The islands are gorgeous and a must see if you are traveling to Dubrovnik. If you are planning to go to Croatia, you HAVE to visit Dubrovnik, as it is amazing. I covered Dubrovnik in a previous article, which you can read here.

The Elaphite Islands are great for a relaxing holiday and relaxing is an understatement since the islands are free of cars. There are quaint and pristine beaches, great food, and a laid back atmosphere on the islands.

The islands can be reached from Dubrovnik. Jadrolinija has a daily ferry service that goes to Kolocep (15 minutes), Lopud (40 minutes), and Sudjuradj (55 minutes) and Sipanska Luka (1 hour 40 minutes) on Sipan.

Lopud is the most developed of the islands, but don’t let the word fool you, as it is still laid back and very relaxing. It is the second largest of the Elaphite Islands and one of the better ones for accommodations.



One of the highlights of Lopud is the ruins, especially Rector’s Palace on the outskirts of the island’s only town and the hill-top Franciscan Monastery offers fantastic views of the island and the surrounding coastline. You can also see the ruins of many churches on the island. Two hills are connected by a beautiful valley where a footpath goes through to the bay called Šunj at the other side of the island. The island has been inhabited for thousands of years and you can find a lot of old Greek, Roman and old Slavic buildings and ruins.

Sunj Bay, which is located on the far side of the island, has calm waters and a pleasant white sandy beach, which is great for a picnic and sunbathing. The northeast side of the island is not easy accessible by the rocks and steep cliffs and the island has a coastline of 11,5 km and 1.2 km are sandy beaches.

The food on the island is amazing, and it is not a shock to tell you that the seafood is the highlight. There are quaint restaurants on the island and some bigger more expensive ones located in the resorts and hotels. There are a few hotels, but I would suggest looking for a private room, as sometimes you can not only find great deals but fantastic rooms and small apartments near the water. There is also a youth hostel on Lopud.

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