Anna vs Wizzair

Wizzair and me, we’re not getting along too well. We’ve never been close, but these days things are bad. Really bad.

I’d successfully avoided flying Wizzair whenever possible, but last week I had no choice. It’s the only airline flying directly from Skavsta (which pretends to be Stockholm) to Gdańsk (which is actually in Gdańsk – imagine that!). I despise the so-called budget airlines, which fly you to middle of nowhere, charge you for the privilege of paying with a credit/debit card (even when they don’t offer you any alternative payment options), and demand a hefty per minute fee for talking to a mindless automaton at their call center. Yes, Wizzair has joined the ranks of greedy businesses (and American embassies) around the world that charge you for getting in touch with their customer service representative.

image courtesy of the airline I don’t get along with

On Friday I tried to book my return trip. I found a flight for Monday and proceeded to the booking page. I entered my debit card details and clicked “confirm” and nothing happened. After several centuries I got an error message instructing me to start again at the beginning. But first, very prudently, I checked my emails to see if the booking maybe perhaps magically had gone through. There were no emails from Wizzair. I started all over again. I got to the booking page and entered my debit card details and clicked “confirmed.” After about an eternity and a half a “timed out” message appeared. I again checked my emails to see if maybe the booking had gone through. And nada.

I made a cup of tea, ate a cookie, brushed my teeth, watched the news and began the booking process again. This time, just in case, I decided to use my credit card. The booking went through without any problems.

Today I decided to check my bank balance online. And wouldn’t you know it – there are TWO charges from Wizzair. Yes, for the bookings that “hadn’t gone through” and for which there were no confirmation emails. Odd, wouldn’t you say? Now I’m thinking how to handle this. Since this was a debit card, I can’t just call my bank and tell them to reverse the charges. And in order to call Wizzair to chew them out I have to pay 10 SEK per minute (a bit more than 1 euro). I am not happy. So not happy that it’s not even funny anymore. Wizzair, now you’ve done it.

And oh yeah, my family and I definitely won’t be using your services anymore. I need to be in Poland again in three weeks, and guess what? I’ll take the ferry.