Zadar Croatia, Old Town Charm in a Lively City

Zadar is one of the most beautiful coastal cities in Croatia and is located in Northern Dalmatia. Zadar is known for its old town, which is inside of big walls and used to be surrounded by a moat, but is now filled in. Inside of the old town there are no cars or bikes, as everyone walks, which makes for a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere. There are many restaurants, bars, fresh markets, and shops within the old town. There is also the Riva, which is right on the water and has a couple of new art attractions that can’t be missed.

Just Outside Old Town

Just Outside Old Town

Some of the best sights located within the city walls are structures from Roman times. You can check out the, church of St. Donatus from 9th Century and the church of St. Stosija (Anastasia) from 12th Century. Both of these magnificent churches are located near the Roman Forum and the most popular street in the old town, which is called Kalelarga. The Forum is now the town square and was built way back in the 1st century.

The food in Zadar is amazing, as they have great seafood and authentic Croatian dishes. The fresh markets in Zadar can’t be missed, as you cannot only find fresh fruit and vegetables, but fruit brandy, fresh cheese, and homemade olive oil.

Zadar is also a very happening city outside of the old town, as there are many great nightclubs, restaurants, and even a couple of casinos.

One of the highlights of Zadar is taking a walk around the Zadar Riva, which is located just outside the old town. There are descending stairs down to the water that extends for about 70 meters. Under the stairs there are 35 pipes that are of different length that make up the unique Sea Organ. As the water pushes into the pipes it makes a sound on the various pipes, which makes it sound like a huge organ. Right next to the Sea Organ is the Greeting of the Sun, which is 300 multi-layer glass panels that are set on the same level as the paving, which forms a circle of 22 meters. The Greeting of the Sun is a small amphitheater that is surrounded by a display of the Solar System and all of its orbits. When the light of the sunset hits the Greeting of the Sun the lights begin to dance and with the nearby Sea Organ it is a show that cannot be missed. Zadar is famous for its sunsets and Alfred Hitchcock once stated that the most beautiful sunset he ever saw was in Zadar.

Zadar Sunset

Zadar Sunset

There are many accommodations in Zadar, both in the city itself and inside the old town. During the peak summer months accommodation inside the old city can be sparse. One of the most affordable accommodation options is staying in a private house. You can find these by visiting one of the many travel bureaus located in Zadar.

Zadar is also the launching point for many island excursions. There are many boats that travel to the islands, which are located off the coast, all day long.

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