Travel bloggers and webmasters – roll with us to make money from ads

I’m always looking at ways to generate more income from Europe a la Carte. I had an email from suggesting that I have a look at their advertising model and see if I wanted to join. The idea behind Adroll is that publishers can join together through the social network and offer their “rolled up” advertising space to advertisers who want to reach a specific niche.

The good thing about Adroll is that you can still show ads from other networks like Google Adsense. You just need to add your code from your existing ad network when you set up your ads in Adroll. Adroll estimates the CPM rate you’re currently earning and then rotates ads from your existing network when they haven’t sold your own Adroll spaces at a higher rate than you would earn from your current network. So really you have nothing to lose and the potential to gain more income by signing up with Adroll.

I joined a couple of existing communities and I started three new ad communities Travel Blogs, Europe Travel and Budget Travel. If you think that your travel blog or site content is relevant to any of these communities, register with Adroll and join the community; then we can roll together to attract some advertising revenue. I’ll be approving sites before they can join the ad communities I’ve created, as I want to ensure that only quality sites and blogs can join.

Once you’ve joined Adroll you can put a badge in your sidebar saying that you have advertising space available, the badge  alternates between displaying the communities of which you’re a member and the tags that you added when you registered your blog or site.

As ever the proof of the pudding will be in the eating, i.e. when the revenue starts rolling in.