Split, Croatia – Beauty of the Dalmatian Region

Split is in the middle of Croatian right off the coast and is a beautiful city with many things to see and do. The nightlife can’t be beat and the food options are limitless. There are many attractions and all throughout the year there are ferries that go to the many islands that are right off the coast.


Roman ruins, Split

Split is the second largest city in Croatia and true to its name the city is two parts, once of which is the beautiful old town, which include the Palace of Diocletian, and the other area is very industrial with a shipyard and some less than gorgeous neighborhoods. There are many tourists that use Split to check out some of the areas around the city. There is the ancient city of Salona and quaint city of Trogir, as well as the gorgeous beaches of Zlatini Rat, Brela, Pakleni Island, Solta and Milna. Other attractions in Split are the Archaeological Museum of Split, Marjan Forest Park, Mestrovic Gallery, and the Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments. The UNESCO site at Trogir make a great day trip from Split.

Split is a city that is steeped in history and you can check out all the histories by taking a walk through the old town, which is right off the coast and the area where most of the restaurants and major hotels are located. The city has been inhabited for thousands of years beginning with the Romans, who ruled the city during their heyday. You can still see the Roman ruins in part of the old town, as well as historical shows and men in old Roman military costumes.

The main tourist area is the old town, which is just east of the promenade near the waterfront. You can find all types of food here from small stands selling toast, pizza, and kebabs to amazing 5-star restaurants with amazing views of the coast. There are many large hotels in the area, but if you want to find a great deal you can head to the many travel agencies in the area. If you really want to find a deal, you simply have to take a walk around the old town and look for the “Apartman” signs and you can inquire how much rooms or apartments are. Many times you can find a great deal on apartments, especially during the off-season. There is great nightlife around the city and there are many clubs near the old town next to the waterfront.


Spilt waterfront

A trip to Split, or all of Croatia for that matter, is not complete without trying a Bosnian dish, which is popular all throughout ex-Yugoslavia, called cevepcici, which is a sausage like grilled meat that is served with onions, tomatoes, and Ajvar (a wonderful red pepper sauce). The seafood in Split is also amazing, especially in the small and quaint restaurants near the surrounding beaches.

A great way to see all of Croatia is head down the coast from the Istrian peninsula all the way down to Dubrovnik. Take a couple days and explore Split and the surrounding areas, especially the beaches and islands, and you will find out why Croatia is increasingly becoming popular with tourists from around the world.

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