Dubrovnik – One of the New Hot Spots in Europe

When people talk about Croatian tourism what generally comes to mind is the gorgeous city of Dubrovnik, which is located on the southern coast. Dubrovnik is now one of the hot spots for tourism and for good reason, as the city is absolutely gorgeous.

View from the Dubrovnik city wall

View from the Dubrovnik city wall

The city of Dubrovnik is spectacular itself, but the main tourist destination is inside the city walls. Inside the city walls there are gorgeous churches, many restaurants, shops, souvenir shops, and cafes. A visit to Dubrovnik is not complete without taking a walk on top of the city walls, where you can walk around the entire walled city center and have fantastic views of the coast and the lively town center. The walk takes a couple of hours, but it is something that can’t be missed and it only costs around 50 kunas, which is only 5 pounds.

If you go during the summer get ready for the tourists, as Dubrovnik is a secret no longer and there are throngs of tourists, especially in the city center, but even with them all around it is hard not to walk around in wonder at this wonderful city. The main highlights in the city are the main street, Stradun, the Prince’s Palace, the church of St Vlaho, the Cathedral, the 3 large monasteries, the Custom’s Office and the City Hall. The coast is picturesque and a there are many great places just to soak up the sun and take a dip.

View from window in Dubrovnik city wall

View from window in Dubrovnik city wall

One of the best ways to get to Dubrovnik is to take a ferry ship, which departs from either Rijeka in the northern part of the country or Split, which is in the middle of Croatia right on the coast. The ferry is an overnight one and has restaurants, nightclubs, and various shops. The ride from Split to Dubrovnik is especially nice, as you meander through some of the islands and it gives you awe inspiring views of the amazing coastline.

The food is amazing in Dubrovnik, especially the seafood. There are many restaurants inside the city walls and just outside and the prices are reasonable. There are also many cafes and gelato stands, where you can get gelato that is comparable to the gelato in Italy. On my bio you can see me, sloppily, enjoying some gelato from Dubrovnik on the main street in the city center.

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