The other side of Croatia – Pula

Croatia continues to grow in terms of tourism, but when many people think of visiting Croatia they think of the southern part, especially Dubrovnik. Now don’t get me wrong Dubrovnik is gorgeous, which is why it is currently one of the hottest travel destinations in the world. However, on the opposite end of the country, the northern part, there is a city, which I live in, that is gorgeous as well and that city is Pula.

Roman arch, Pula, Istria, Croatia

The Roman triumphal Arch of Sergius, one of the gateyways to the old town of Pula

Pula is located at the tip of the Istrian peninsula and only an hour or so away, by car, from Slovenia and an hour and a half from Northern Italy. Pula is not a secret, as there are many German, Italian, and Austrian tourists that have been coming here for years. Pula is right on the water, which is gorgeous, has several historical attractions, and travel there is not expensive.

It is easy to travel to Pula as last year Ryan Air began to fly from London Stansted to Pula, so getting there is not a problem. The flights can be cheap if you book early and travel outwith the high season but the flights generally only run from April until September. You can search for best rates for accommodation in Pula with the HotelsCombined metasearch.

The main attraction in Pula is the Arena or Coliseum, which was built by the Romans in their heyday and is modeled exactly like the Coliseum in Rome, but is smaller yet better preserved. You can take a walk the inside and check out the basement, which has the history of the area in Roman Times, as well as many artifacts.

There is also a fortress, which has a fascinating little museum and from the top of the fortress there are old cannons and a lookout tower, which offers great views of Pula and the Istrian coast. The Beaches? Awesome, to say the least. OK, so there are no sandy beaches and palm trees, as they are rocks to the water, but the water is pristine and the water is crystal clear and warm. During the summer months the tourists go to the beaches and all have great tans when they come to the city center in the evening. The main part of the city, which is called the city center, is great, as it has fantastic shopping, many cafes, and amazing restaurants, many of which offer great deals on local food and especially seafood (try the calamari!).

All in all there is a reason why Croatia is fast becoming one of the more popular travel destinations, as Pula is just one of the cities where you can see the beauty and fascinating history of the region, and you can experience at a reasonable cost.

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