Vienna museum pick: Haus der Musik

Haus der Musik, Vienna

Haus der Musik, Vienna

Photo: manicato via Creative Commons

While a lot of travellers seem to be shying away from museums these days – someone seems to have told them you don’t “have to” visit museums to see a city – one that I highly recommend in Vienna is the Haus der Musik (House of Music), also known as the Sound Museum.

It’s the kind of place with something for everyone – rock and pop music lovers, classical music afficionados, and anyone who likes playing with stuff that makes noise. Since I’m interested in pretty much everything, then the more educational side with displays about Austrian composers was great, but I also liked the hands-on floor – if you’ve ever wondered what a cow mooing in a cathedral would sound like, this is the place to find out. There’s also a great exhibit where you can try your hand at being a “virtual conductor” of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, which I discovered is a whole lot harder than it looks.

Haus der Musik is right in the centre and it’s unusual for a museum in that it stays open until 10pm each day, so it’s something you can fit in after an early dinner. Entry fees are a pretty reasonable 10 Euro per adult. They sometimes hold concerts there too, so check the website in advance of your visit.

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