Europe Travel Carnival 4 August 2008

Europe Travel Carnival 4 August 2008

Europe Travel Carnival 4 August 2008

Welcome to the August 2008 edition of the Europe Travel Carnival where I’ve collated a selection of online articles for readers who love travel in Europe


Yancey Grantham writes about the The Yellow – Youth Hotel Rome – Touring Rome Italy Hostel Vacations posted at Top Yellow Blog. The Yellow Blog is part of a collection of colour themed blog but I’m not sure why the youth hotel is called The Yellow though. The Yellow Youth Hotel bills itself as “Rome’s classiest and sexiest accommodation where you can forget having to slum it”.

Europe Travel Carnival 4 August 2008

The Forum, Rome


The My Secret Ireland blog authored by Sean Cliff describes the Killarney National Park which encompasses the McGillycuddy’s Reeks, the highest mountains in Ireland down to the famous Lakes of Killarney.

Europe Travel Carnival 4 August 2008

Lough Leane, Killarney National Park

In Berlin Turns Bomb Shelters into Beauty posted at Intelligent Travel, Marilyn Terrell describes the conversion of a WW2 bomb shelter into an art gallery. The Gallery receives rather mixed reviews but as you can only enter on a guided tour with a limit of 12 participants, you have to book well in advance. Berlin does have a reputation as avant garde city of art. I certainly observed plenty of street art when I visited.

Europe Travel Carnival 4 August 2008

Street Art in Berlin


Alistair Wearmouth writes about Exotic Istanbul posted at Family Travel Blog, saying, “Stand at the crossroads of civilizations as you explore the exotic streets of Istanbul, Turkey, where history, culture, and hard-bargaining merchants conspire to create the family vacation of a lifetime:. I’ve never visited Istanbul but my husband has been there and he loved it.

Europe Travel Carnival 4 August 2008


Peter Jones reviews the travel narrative, Trip by Irish author Mick MayO in Experience Europe from the Inside: Book Gives Adventurous First Hand Account posted at Great New Books that Are a Must Read. Peter enjoyed the book as he felt it gave a warts and all portrayal of a rites of passage journey and as his younger sister is planning a similar trip soon, he’ll pass the book onto her. Peter observes that Europe is very differently perceived by a European than by an American. My issue with the book is that it is subtitled “15 countries in 30 days” which to me exemplifies the (in my opinion) seriously flawed approach of many Americans of doing a whistle stop tour around Europe and not seeing anything properly.


In the The Leicester Square Challenge posted at londonelicious: a london restaurant blog, Krista addresses a hypothesis made in The Undercover Economist about why there’s nowhere good to eat around Leicester Square. The comments are one of the best parts about the post…lots of great suggestions on where to eat in central London. I think that it can be hard to find somewhere to eat where the food is of decent quality and at a reasonable price around tourist traps unless you’re prepared to walk a little or have some insider knowledge.

Europe Travel Carnival 4 August 2008

Leicester Square restaurants

Travel Tips

Top Five Little Ways To Save Money In Europe by Austin Hill at Travellious gives us some tips on how to save money. Austin you’re preaching to the converted with me. With regard to the first tip I always carry my water bottle and refill it. We certainly found plenty of filling opportunities at fountains in cities and towns in Unbria and Tuscany in our recent trip to Italy. I read that Venice is encouraging visitors to refill to save disposal problems with the mountain of plastic bottles left behind by tourist and they even provide a map showing of refilling locations. I don’t that local shops, cafes and stalls will be too enamoured with this policy. When I was young there were drinking fountains in many public places in the UK such as parks but they seem to have all disappeared.

Europe Travel Carnival 4 August 2008

Fountain in Siena

I read that Venice is encouraging visitors to refill to save all the mountain of plastic bottles and they even provide a map showing of refilling locations.

Chris Christensen talks with Debbie from Delicious Baby, in Traveling with Small Children – Amateur Traveler Episode 142 on at The Amateur Traveler Podcast about traveling (internationally) with small kids. Debbie lists her three most child friendly destinations as Paris, Italy and Barcelona.

Europe Travel Carnival 4 August 2008

Heathrow with baby

Nick lists Excuses to travel to Europe at Budget Globetrotting,some having more credence than others, Whilst claiming that a trip to Europe is justifiable despite the high cost if you are developing your career,searching for a business acquisition and seeing Venice before it’s submerged, I’m not sure that being able to drink alcohol legally once you reach the age of 18 instead of 21 holds much water.

Europe Travel Carnival 4 August 2008


In Credit card postcards from Europe: Vol. III posted at Emily Starbuck Gerson dispenses advice on public toilets in Europe. The importance of public toilets when travelling is one of my favourite ranting topics, I know it’s not glamourous, exciting or alluring but boy is it essential. I’ve had too many days out marred by searching for public toilets and trying to sneak into pubs and cafes. However I’m glad to say that I do have some positive toilet findings to report like the wonderfully clean and beautifully decorated tulip themed toilets at Amsterdam airport.

Europe Travel Carnival 4 August 2008

Tulip toilets at Amsterdam Airport

The Top 5: Central Europe posted at Bookstore Guide, Ivanisko lists his top 5 of bookstores selling English books in Central Europe. The winning book shops are located in Bratislava, Prague, Budapest and Krakow. Browsing through a bookshops can be a pleasant respite from sightseeing especially if you want to escape the elements, either the heat or rain.

The next edition of the Europe Travel Carnival will be published on Monday 1 September 2008, please submit your posts by Monday 25 August.

Europe Travel Carnival 4 August 2008

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