Top Free Fringe in the 2008 Edinburgh Festival

The Royal Mile awaits…. Copyright Andrew Hayes

Edinburgh is ramping up preparations for this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Prices are slightly higher than last year, with a typical show now costing between £6 and £10. You don’t have to break the budget to have fun though; in this year’s programme plenty of FREE shows! The following are some of my recommendations:

Caledonian Folk & Blues at the Guildford: a well known ‘folknfun’ pub music scene at a great city centre pub

Best of New Irish Comedy: a nod to our neighbours on the island next door, this is a great venue and will be a hit

Laughing Horse Comedy Festival: known for the side-splitting comedy, this year’s agenda includes a plethora of alternate genres – definitely a must-see

Best in Stand Up – 99 Club Royal Mile: five fabulous performers every night for almost the entire fringe! Guaranteed to sell out so get tickets for this one while they last

The Stand Comedy Club: locals know this is THE place for comedy year round; during the festival they are offering two free shows, Devlin’s Daily and Free & Easy

Fringe Sunday: held on August 10th this year, Fringe Sunday gives everyone an excuse to stroll the Meadows and to see some of the best fringe acts in action

Check the programme guides for details on other free events; although all the events listed above are free, you might need to obtain tickets for entry due to limited venue capacity.

Free Fringe… possibly a pot of gold? Copyright Andrew Hayes