Lisa Eastman of Homesick Wanderlust

I was attracted to the Homesick Wanderlust blog for two reasons. Firstly as it is a contradiction in terms and secondly as I’m the editor of the Wandalust UK travel blog. I was intrigued to read of the blog author, Lisa Eastman being torn between Seattle and London.

1What is the aim of your blog?

I wanted to create a place where I could share my passion for European travel with others that felt the same way. Wanderlust can be such a powerful drug that those of us that share the drive can bond very quickly.

Additionally, I wanted a place to voice my own opinion about ever-growing travel issues with other average travelers like me.Many mainstream travel sites showcase resources that are way beyond the budget restrictions of the average person, and it is discouraging many people from travel altogether.They’ve come to see it as frivolous and let it slip down the priority list, never experiencing the incredible, life-changing effects that travel can have.I’d like to do my part to see that perspective change, especially in my home country of the United States.I think we could make a real difference in our world if we made more of an effort to see things outside the American bubble.

2What prompted you to start your own blog?

I initially started the blog as a virtual place to keep the miscellaneous quotes, photos and journal entries I’d collected from my travels.I originally had no intention of it being read by many others.But over the last year, it has grown into a place to help others plan that elusive dream trip to Europe and encourage people to take a stand for issues like traveler’s rights and vacation laws.

3What has been the hardest aspect of running a blog?

Keeping it up-to-date and entertaining!My humble blog is a one-woman show, and I can only afford to travel several times a year.But a blog is only as good as its author.So I’m constantly challenged to stay abreast of changes and issues, and keep my readers from getting bored.

4What is the funniest thing that has happened to you running your blog?

Nothing funny so far, but my blog is still young!

5Is there anything you would do differently with the benefit of hindsight?

I would have started with a more organized plan for the blog.When you start haphazardly as I did, you eventually come to realize your blog lacks flow which can be difficult for the reader.It has been a time-consuming process to change tags and organize so many posts after the fact.

My comments – I agree with Lisa that many mainstream sites describe travel that is too expensive for the majority of would be travellers. Also in the US, with the fall in the dollar against the British Pound and the Euro., many Americans discount a trip to Western Europe for budgetary reasons. It is possible to travel in Europe on a modest budget, the middle ground between hostel dorms and paying through the nose for fancy hotels.

Although many British people moan about interference in internal matters by the European Union they have instigated benefits such as a minimum 24 days paid annual leave for all workers.