Panelists announced for Live Blog on Tuesday 20 May 2008

I’m delighted to announce the 6 panelists for the live blog “How to get more from your Euro” on Tuesday 20 May 2008 at 20:00 BST. I asked the panelists to email me an introduction to themselves and their blogs which I’ve listed in alphabetical order of their first names.

Christopher Cook currently lives in Tallahassee Fl where he received his second Masters Degree from FSU. As an avid traveler he maintains a new budget travel blog, in the hopes of inspiring others to just get out there and see Europe. He has lived and studied in Tübingen Germany and travels as much as possible each year to cities throughout Europe. His writing has appeared on, vagabondish and bravenewtraveler.

Greetings everyone! My name is Hilary and I currently live in Berlin, Germany. My blog, LessThan a Shoestring, illustrates how to get the most for your meager travel budget. Fed up with “budget” travel advice from journalists with too much money to spend ($500 is too easy!), I decided to write instead for those with no (or little) money, showing that it is possible to travel well for $10-20/day. Between news, sample budgets and other travel advice, I serve up weekly travel-related freebies and host the Travel on a Shoestring Carnival, which gathers the best blog posts on budget travel and rotates weekly to different areas of the globe.

Lisa Marie Mercer is the editor of your first stop to budget travel. She writes the Snow Goddess blog and is the author of Open Your Hear with Winter Fitness. Lisa Lives in Summit County, Colorado. When she’s not skiing, writing or teaching fitness, she and her husband use his business travel frequent flyer miles to hop the globe.

Olivia Giovetti’s High Culture on a Low Budget is a blog-guide to European culture on the cheap–where to find the best deals on theatre tickets, how to do a night at the opera and still afford a night at the hostel, when to get into a museum for free, and why you should care. We’ve recently expanded our editorial content to also include tips from the locals, travelers’ playlists, and–as a weekend treat–an intro to one composer/artist/performer/etc. so that you can fake your knowledge from baroque to Baryshnikov to beaux arts without missing a beat.

Hi, I’m Sean O’Neill, senior editor of, the website of Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel magazine. Our blog is called This Just In and our magazine’s editors regularly post newsy, practical tips, along with trip ideas. We aim to help middle class Americans who have real-world travel budgets. In a world where luxury advertisers define much travel coverage, we’re fighting an uphill battle–though our magazine was recently nominated for a national magazine award for general excellence–the US magazine world’s equivalent of “best picture Oscar”. Anyway, for the next two months, is running a series Affordable Europe offering tips on how to make Europe more affordable. The series is mainly driven by freelancers in Italy, Paris, and Rome.

I’m Tom Meyers from EuroCheapo is a guide to budget travel throughout Europe, and publishes a daily blog about practical ways to save money while traveling.