So what do readers want from a travel blog?

I was hoping to gain some insight into “What readers want from a travel blog?” from last night live blog. However although the live blog was a really interesting and informative discussion between travel bloggers, there was no input from travel blog readers. Maybe the event didn’t get enough publicity. There were 20 viewers at the event and the couple of viewers who made comments were bloggers. Perhaps a few of the other viewers were travel blog readers who didn’t wish to make comments. screenshot

The majority of visitors to my Europe a la Carte blog come through search engines and appear to be interested in reading about the specific topic about which they are searching. I’m not sure if readers want to subscribe to blogs and receive every post leading to being b(l)ogged down by information overload. I also think that many readers aren’t aware of blog subscription.

There’s also the misconception that blogs are the online outpourings of teenage geeks rather than a type of online magazine. Travel blogs can also be interpreted as travelogues i.e. a personal trip diary of a travellers. Would we travel bloggers be better christening our blogs “online travel magazines” rather than “travel blogs”? |t could be that readers will be more willing to subscribe to a magazine that to a blog.

Personally I’m not too obsessed by the number of subscribers to my blog or even the number of page views. It’s how many visitors are converted into buyers of accommodation, car hire etc and/or click on the ads, whether than be on the blog itself or on the main site. generating income for me, that is of importance to me.

In conclusion to answer my question “What do readers want from a travel blog?” – useful, relevant and entertaining posts to fulfil the readers current desire, whether that be armchair travelling, information about a destination, insightful commentary, inspiration, beautiful photos, travel trips or offers. So no easy answers for travel bloggers.

You could argue it’s wise to write a niche blog eg concentrating on luxury travel, a specific destination but then some readers may prefer a blog, sorry should I say online magazine, which covers various aspects of travel. I suppose I fall into both camps, my Europe a la Carte blog focuses on the best places to visit in Europe, although that still gives me an awful lot to cover.