Worst online travel booking experiences

Booking travel online can be confusing and complicated.

When I booked my flight from Glasgow to Berlin on the Easyjet site, I just wanted to book a flight but I had to go down a long list of options e.g. travel insurance, speedy boarding etc. It was really annoying and time consuming to untick all the options which I didn’t want. I’d prefer it if you had to tick any options you wanted but I know that airlines wnat to sell you these extras and often the revenue they generate from the extras subsidises the low fares.

My worst online booking experience was when I tried to book accommodation in Fuerteventura on the On the Beach site. I entered my credit card details and nothing happened, no confirmation or message saying my card details had been entered incorrectly. I entered my details again and still nothing. At this stage I began to panic slightly, thinking what if I’ve booked the accommodation twice. I phoned On the Beach and they said they couldn’t help me over the phone I’d need to wait for an reply by email. I emailed On the Beach and 24 hours later they got back to me to say that they had no record of my booking, They was no apology, no explanation or no offer to take my booking over the telephone.

What’s your worst online booking experience?