Save the grape eating squirrels in Grange over Sands, Cumbria

I’m just back from 3 nights in the Lake District. We spent a couple of hours at Grange over Sands, one of my favourite places in Cumbria. It’s located on the southern coast of the Lake District peninsula. There’s a one mile long promenade set well away from traffic, borders by landscaped gardens, dotted with open air and covered benches where you can enjoy the view over Morecambe Bay.

I was quite dismayed to see that several of my beloved grape eating squirrel ironwork benches had been painted all black, instead of maintaining the red and green. I can understand that the local authority need to use money wisely and it’s much quicker to just slosh the black paint all over but these benches are so unique and beautiful that I think they merit the extra expense of keeping the original colours.

Grape eating squirrel bench, Grange promenade 

The outdoor swimming pool lies direlect, left to crumble after closure in the 1960s. Again I can appreciate the high maintainence costs and lack of enthusiasm for an outdoor unheated pool, compared to a modern indoor heated leisure pool or a sunny beach in Spain. I still think the local authority should demolish or revamp the pool as it is a blot on the lovely promenade.

The derelict outdoor swimming pool, Grange

There was very high spring tide and the water came up to the promenade, which is pretty unusual as last time we were there there was no sign of the sea, only miles of marshy sands. You can even walk the 8 miles over the sands to Lancaster but only with a guide.

High tide at Grange over Sands

I’ve always fancied staying at the Grand Hotel in Grange due to its commanding position overlooking the bay, set in 20 acres of grounds.