Berwick upon Tweed in England, Scotland or Scengland?

I’m Scottish and moved to Berwick upon Tweed two years ago. I christened the area Scengland as it does feel like either Scotland or England to me. Berwick upon Tweed, lies in far north eastern corner of Northumberland. Evidently more than 60 % of Berwick residents would like be in Scotland. The majority party in the Scottish Government the Scottish National Party is ready to take legal action to achieve the transfer.


Berwick upon Tweed

There’s been an ongoing debate on this topic as Berwick changed hands between England and Scotland 13 times between 1147 and 1482. Berwick lies 3 miles from the border with Scotland. The River Tweed forms a natural boundary through along most of the eastern border but the border line comes north a few miles before the east coast and Berwick, leaving Berwick in England.

In my opinion the tourist potential of Berwick is not being fully exploited and I’ve heard local people saying that if Berwick were in the Scottish Borders local authority it would be considered a “Jewel in the Crown”. It’s felt that Berwick is rather overlooked by the current administration. Berwick is a beautiful town lying on the Tweed Estuary. The old town in encircled by Elizabeth walls, there are lovely walks along the riverside and a beach at Spittal. I think it deserves to be guided in to a more high profile destination, whether that be by a Scottish or English administration.

Spittal Beach, Berwick upon Tweed