You’ve gotta go to Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg lies on the western coast of the southern tip of Sweden. It’s extremely civilised city, low key, sophisticated in an unpretentious manner, far from soulless and regimented yet orderly and relaxing. I think it’s a great city to visit both for adults travelling solo, couples, groups of adults and families.

Gothenburg Quayside

Gothenburg is a grand city in an architectural sense, very spacious. I’ve heard it called the Swedish Amsterdam. I think that this is a slight on Gothenburg, as in my opinion it is much more attractive and less commercialised than Amsterdam. As a lone female, I felt relatively safe walking around in the evening. There was very little litter around, no beggars or hustlers and a fairly obvious but discreet police presence. As soon as you approached a pedestrian crossing, the cars would stop. All the locals that I spoke to replied in good or excellent English and were very polite and helpful.

I think many people are put off visiting Sweden as they believe it’ll be very expensive but I found prices for most things, except alcohol, to be similar to the UK.

If you purchase the Gothenburg Pass, which costs £25 per adult and £18 per child for 48 hours, covers all public transport, including ferries to the nearby islands of the Southern Archipelago and free entry to most museums and attractions.

Salthommnen, harbour for Southern Archipelago

Gothenburg is easy to reach with flights from all over Europe with the low cost carrier Ryanair.

This post was featured in the Carnival of Cities on 14 January 2006

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