Welcome to the first Travel Blog Carnival

Let’s get the New Year off to a great start with the first Travel Blog Carnival. The organiser, Darren of Travel Rants, wants to showcase posts about travel that are inspiring, interesting and informational. Bearing this in mind I was also influenced by my desire to highlight the benefits of getting off the beaten track to get a more authentic experience during your travels and taking time to properly see fewer things, as opposed to a quick whizz around loads of places.

Ely, MN – Pristine Wilderness on the YourDailyVacation blog is about the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness with its 1500 miles of canoe routes. My husband would love to paddle along there. Logging and mining and most vehicular traffic is banned as the area is home to moose and bear. The author Nate wants to give a daily dose of a travel destination to assuage the desire to travel curtailed by time and money constraints.

Dusseldorf: Museum Kunst Palast on High Culture on a Low Budget describes the Kunst and its current exhibition of the best from Russian Museums in St Petersburg and Moscow. I don’t think most people appreciate how much there is to see and do in Germany and probably never even consider a trip there. In her blog the author Olivia Giovetti gives tips on how to save on the standard admission fee of 10 euros, in keeping with her aim of highlighting that you can have your fill of culture without spending a fortune.

4 Ways to be a Traveller not a Tourist on the Vagabondish blog advises on how to ditch your worst tourist traits and don the mantle of the more acceptable traveller.  My solution is to become a touraveller.  I wholeheartedly agree with tip 2: not being in a continual rush and taking time to soak up the local atmosphere. This approach is described by travel writer Jan Morris: “The best way to find out about a place is wander around. Wander around, alone, with all your antennae out thinking about what’s happening and what you see and what you feel.” Vagabondish is a multi author blog with features about offbeat backpacking, and news, advice, tips and tales about travel.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed my selection of posts and are in training to become cultured, off the beaten track, value seeking, unhurried travellers seeking an authentic experience during your subsequent trips.

If you’d like to take part in the Travel Blog Carnival you can submit any travel related posts which you’ve written in the last 7 days to travelblog.carnival(at)gmail.com.