Guest interview – Erica of Blissful Travel

I discovered Erica’s blog on Travel Rants where Darren had named Blissful Travel as his favourite “Travellers Blog”.

1 What is the aim of your blog?

The aim of Blissful Travel is to provide travel tips, information and news from the travel business for people interested in travelling. I have a preference for writing about cities, hotels, restaurants, and extreme sports (especially downhill skiing), but as long as a topic relates to travelling I enjoy writing about it. While sharing my own travel experiences I also hope to inspire people to travel somewhere new, book that next trip, or just learn something. Sometimes, for variation, I write about other travel blogs and also more personal posts… like My Favourite Bedroom, or Traveling Through Films which I wrote last month.

2 What prompted you to start your own blog?

I simply got the idea one day. I remember I thought “Wouldn’t it be fun to create a travel blog? A site where I can share my travel experiences and write about different places.” And that’s how it started. I’ve been addicted to writing since I learned to write, and the same goes for travelling. When I first travelled as a kid and saw how exciting and interesting it is to visit different places, meet new people, and learn new languages I knew I had to make it a big part of my life. I think Blissful Travel will be around for a long time, because writing about places I’ve been and what’s happening around the world is definitely fun and rewarding.

3 What has been the hardest aspect of having your own blog?

I try not to think of things as hard. Instead, I look at everything I see challenging as easy. That makes me trust my abilities more and it also gives me more energy to give something my best shot.

4 What is the funniest thing that has happened running your blog?

As Olivia wrote in your previous guest interview (which I really enjoyed reading), I also have to say that reading the search terms people use to find my blog is the funniest thing. Some of the recent search terms that pointed to my site were “chichen itza + overrated”, “used blue water boats”, “rent a bar in NYC”, “rest area australia sign”, and “bungie jump out of tram Switzerland”. But most of the terms still relate to my favourite cities (New York, London, Paris and Zurich).

5 Is there anything you would do differently with the benefit of hindsight?

Yes, I would have set up Blissful Travel on a web host from instead of using a free blog. Even if they work perfectly fine, they are somewhat limited in terms of widgets, design options and how many ads you are allowed to display. To get more flexibility, I plan to use a full web host to be able to put up banner ads from sponsors and work more with the design.

Also, I would have decided to either write in American English or British English, just to keep a consistent grammar throughout the blog. A few days ago when I browsed through some of my old blog posts I noticed I had written in both American English and British English. I guess since I’m born in Sweden and have lived and worked in both USA and the UK I haven’t settled with one or the other yet. But from now on I have made up my mind to use the British English, at least on the blog.

My comments – It’s obvious that you love travel and writing about it from reading your blog. It’s interesting to read that you classify difficult task as easy which allows you to think more instinctively and gives more energy for the challenge. I can see the merit in that because thinking something is going to be hard can sap your energy before you even begin the task. Fortunately our son, my IT consultant, advised me that I should host my own WordPress blog to give me more control over the blog.


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