Why are incidents of air rage taking off?

I read today that incidents of air rage are soaring on British flights with an annual increase from 1359 incidents to 2219. The increase may partly attributable to more stringent reporting of incidents but it’s still a cause for concern as the majority of incidents are deemed as significant. The main offenders are males in their 30s. Over consumption of alcohol, the effects of nicotine deprivation and arguments over seat allocation often triggers problems.

Air Rage Peer by Herschel Hershey

I would also blame that whole hassle factor of flying, having to get to the airport, the hanging around, long queues through security. That’s before you have to sit in a cramped seat for hours. I could feel myself becoming very tense during my recent four hour flight to and from Fuerteventura. I felt I could hardly move and that was with my husband sitting on one side, I would have been much worse sandwiched between two strangers.

I don’t know whether more people are ready to explode because our lifestyles are more stressful or it’s just become more common to let rip to vent your frustration. When I was travelling by train to London to attend the World Travel Market last month there were cancellations which meant that seat reservation were suspended. There were almost a couple of punch ups in my carriage as passengers boarded to find there prebooked seats occupied. I’ve also been the victim of road rage, when a guy tried to run me off the road when we both tried to get into a roundabout exit at the same time.