Restaurant Review – Duncans in Perth

I had lunch at Duncan’s in Perth with a friend this week. They offer a two course lunch for £10. Duncan’s pride themselves on “fresh food sourced locally and cooked with respect”. They appear to change the  lunch menu monthly. I had the market fish which was sea bass served with fried potatoes and bacon. The sea bass was very good although rather a small fillet of fish and very few vegetables. My friend had the roasted peppers and tomatoes on a Parmesan shortbread tart. It was a tiny serving, more like a starter than a main course. We were chatting away when ordering and assumed that that some vegetables would be served with both main courses as my market fish mentioned potatoes. Therefore the £10 for two course is not really true because they charge £2 extra for vegetables to accompany the main course. I don’t think they should do this as it’s misleading.

For dessert I had pumpkin cheesecake, which was rather light and foamy for a cheesecake. My friend had the walmut and orange treacle tart which at least filled her up a bit after the tiny main course.

Duncan’s does have a very pleasant ambience, the food is good quality but I think the portions are too small, we almost felt that we should go for a fish supper after lunch. There shouldn’t be an additional charge for vegetables to go with the main course because unless you have the appetite of a mouse, a 2 course lunch would actually cost £12.

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