Fascinating graveyards Stirling, Scotland

I really like visiting graveyards and cemeteries and the Old Town Cemeteries lie on the way up to Stirling Castle.

View to Stirling Castle

There are two distinct graveyards beside the Church of the Holy Rude in Stirling. The “Old Kirkyard” has some headstones dating from as far back as 1579. The rows of headstones face east towards the rising sun. Many of the headstones were erected before death as status symbol. You can see illustration of death and trade symbols on some stones.

Portrayal of Death

The other part of the cemetery is know as the “Valley” and mainly Victorian. The most eye-catching piece, surrounded by white pillars, is the staute of Margart Wilson who at the age of 18 was executed by drowning for the refusal to renounce her Protestant faith. This happened in the south west of Scotland so although there was no local connection Victorian sentimentality deemed Wilson an appropriate Scottish figure for commemoration.

Valley Cemetery, Stirling looking toward the Ochil Hills

The Star Pyramid commemorates all those who were martyred seeking religious freedom. A local eccentric is said to be interned inside the pyramid, seated at a feasting table.

The Star Pyramid

Have you visited the Top of the Town graveyards in Stirling?