Best buy travel insurance with terrorism & DIY cover included

My annual European travel insurance is due for renewal at the beginning of next month so I decided to do some research before renewal. I’d read that some policies don’t cover you for terrorism and although this is not a major concern to me, I’m sure there’s more risk of being injured driving around on holiday, I thought I should look into this.  I’ve written about some points to bear in mind when you are buying travel insurance and why you shouldn’t just look at price.

1Stop Travel Insurance came up tops as for under £60 for annual European cover excluding wintersports, my husband and I were would be covered for medical expenses and hospital benefit required after a terrorist attack. However there was even more on offer with cover for up to £2000 for dynamic packaging cover (when you put together your own DIY or pickage holiday). This means that if you can’t recover costs such as accommodation and car hire as the company contracted to provide the service has become insolvent, you will be reimbursed. The upper limits for cover were good with up to £10 million for medical expenses and £5000 for cancellation. The excess is £75 for most scenarios.

I think that 1Stop Travel Insurance offer great cover for a low price and you should get a quote for them whenever you’re looking for travel insurance.