What’s your opinion of Click to Comment?

I’ve installed the Postreach click to comment plugin to make it easier for you to make a quick comment on my blog posts. It’s reckoned that 95% of blog readers never leave a comment. Only a tiny percentage of blog readers comment regularly. Probably the majority of them being other bloggers like me who have become blogaholics!

If you look at the icons at the bottom of the post you can click to comment. Do you think they are a useful addition or just unnecessary clutter?

Update 26 August 2007

I’ve now deactivated Click to Comment for this blog, they changed the logo to a rather large, garish cartoon type character with a large finger with a very limited  number of colour options, as well as reducing the number of click options to four.  I just didn’t like the way it looked on the blog.   You can see the new logo and icons on my other blog Business Blog Boost.

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