UK attractions – look beyond the obvious

Which? Magazine has named the UKs top ten paid for attractions in terms of quality and value for money. Here are the top five:

1 Hampton Court

2 Chatsworth House

3 Edinburgh Castle

4 Tower of London

5 Windsor Castle

I’ve visited all of these, except Chatsworth House and I did enjoy Hampton Court best. However there are so many other places in the UK which can offer a great day out without the crowds you’ll probably encounter at these high profile attractions. I suggest that you look at the “Alternative UK Map” to get off the beaten track, with 20 suggestions from readers of the BBC magazine. You can also look through my blog posts about Days out in the UK or read guides my to less well known destinations in Scotland.

Melrose Abbey, Scottish Borders

What’s your favourite paid for attraction in the UK, your favourite free attraction and your overall favourite?