Hovercraft trip from Edinburgh to Kirkcaldy

I managed to make the hovercraft crossing from Edinburgh to Kirkcaldy today during the two week trial run. I was able to board in Portobello, Edinburgh fairly easily for the 9.30 crossing. The take off is pretty noisy and creates a lot of water spray and sand swirl. The hovercraft is much faster and you feel that you are closer to the water than on a ferry crossing. It was a beautiful clear sunny morning and the views were fantastic.

Hovercraft leaving Portobello

We passed close to the island of Inchkeith. You have to remain seated during the crossing and as I wasn’t at a window seat I was unable to take photos. When I disembarked in Kirkcaldy I discovered that even if I joined the queue immediately there was no guarantee that I would be able to get on the 12.00 crossing back to Edinburgh. I had a walk along the prom and came back to the terminal to join the queue around 11.15. I was one of the last passenger to board the 13.00 crossing.

Hovercraft leaving Kirkcaldy

There is no shelter or seats when you queue and I am sunburnt from standing in the midday sun for almost 2 hours. Mind you it wouldn’t be good to stand in wind and rain for a couple of hours either! If you are still keen to go take some food and drink with you for the queue and appropriate protection, whether that be suncream or a raincoat.

If the service starts to run regularly and you can book a sailing in advance I would do this as a day trip a couple of times a year. Have you hovered the Forth, what did you make of it?

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