Ghosts ahoy in Dundee, Scotland

The Frigate Unicorn in Dundee is offering ghost hunters the opportunity to spend a night aboard the haunted ship. A devoted former custodian of the ship who died before the 2nd World War has been spotted several times.

The Unicorn is a 46 gun wooden warship, built in 1824 and the oldest British built warship still afloat. Proceeds from the paranormal investigations are desperately needed to preserve the ship’s wooden hull. The ship receives no public funding. I find this rather strange when read that a project such as the Alnwick Garden in Northumberland has received massive public subsidies to fulfil the rather uninspired horticultural ambitions of a duchess.

Frigate Unicorn
I think it’ll be a great pity if the ship starts to disintegrate due to lack of money to carry out preservation work.