Do you find the French rude?

It was the first “Paris Tourist Day” yesterday. One of the aims of the day is to make Parisians more aware of the importance of tourism to the economy of their city and asking Parisians to more welcoming and friendly to tourists.

I am sick of reading about how rude the French are to tourists. I’ve visited France on several occasions, although only once to Paris. The vast majority of French people that I met were charming, friendly and helpful. I always try to speak French. My French is not good, mainly what I remember from studying French at school thirty years ago. However the effort is greatly appreciated and the response is often delivered in English.

photo by Tomoyishi

I say look at yourself before you start criticising residents of the country in which you are a guest. If you were working in a busy restaurant earning the minimum wage would you be able to and have the time to explain the menu to French tourists in French?

If I can’t speak the language of the country which I am visiting. I apologise that I can’t speak the language and ask politely if anyone there can speak English. I certainly don’t start shouting in English and expect everyone to speak English. Also try smiling instead of looking hacked off and try to adopt body language that is relaxed and open.

How have you found the French when in France?