Restaurant review – The Alnwick Garden Tree House

I had lunch today at the Alnwick Garden Tree House during my visit to the garden. As you can see in the photo the exterior of the building is striking and attractive. There is seating on the terraces and the interior is very imaginative. There was an open fire in the centre of the restaurant which was very welcoming on a cool June day.

The Tree House Restaurant

However the menu was very limited and totally uninspiring. I had the prawn and smoked haddock tagliatelle which was bland and cost £7.50. The service was slow and haphazard. It is a pity that such a wonderful environment is not matched by a tasty, innovative menu.

You can only enter the Tree House Restaurant at lunch time if you have bought an admission ticket to the gardens, which I found rather peculiar. When I asked the member of staff checking the tickets the reason for this policy she told me that it was done to protect the local restaurants in the town.

Another thing which I didn’t like was the fact that the Duchess of Northumberland, the inspiration behind the Alnwick Garden, was eating in the Tree House but specially prepared dishes not evident on the menu were being whisked over to her table.

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