Visit Britian to impose code of practice on attractions

From April 2008 Visit Britain will only promote attractions in England which sign up to its code of practice. The aim is to improve the quality of attractions. There is a £25 registration fee so with around 6000 attractions that will bring in around £150,000. Most of the stipulations are common sense such as information about opening hours, cost, accessibility, cleanliness etc. Some such as “having regard to managing the attraction in a sustainable way, considering public transport, locally sourcing food and other supplies” could be rather meaningless if for example an attraction considers it is not on a bus or train route and that buying local food costs more and then disregards the issues.

Bamburgh Castle, North Northumberland

I wonder how much inspection there will be to ensure that the standards are being met? Do you think this code is a good idea or just more bureaucracy?

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