Charter flights begin from Stansted to Preveza

Charter flights from Stansted to Preveza will run from July 9 to September 2007. I visited the Preveza area, in the north western mainland of Greece, in May 2003. I thought it was a really beautiful area. I did visit Leftka but I spend more time exploring the mainland. I liked the Acheron Gorge with the green Acheron River at its base, near the village of Glyki.

Acheron Gorge
The modern city of Preveza is close to the site of the ancient city of Nicopolis, built by Augustus to commemorate his naval victory over Anthony and Cleoparta. When I visited the site was being renovated.

The problem with promoting the Preveza region is that it is virtually the same price to book flight only as a self catering holiday. This still seems to be the case. If you do go the area I would recommend that you hire a car for a few days and see more of the area. Have you visited this region of Greece? Did you venture far from your resort?