BMI most punctual UK scheduled airline

BMI most punctual UK scheduled airline

BMI regional was the most punctual UK scheduled airline out of Heathrow during 2006, according to figures publshed by the Civil Aviation Authority. The average delay was five minutes BMI started flights from Aberdeen to Kristiansand in southern Norway on 30 March and will fly from Manchester to Lyon from 25 May.

I have only flown with BMI once on a domestic flight from Edinburgh to Heathrow around 6 years ago. The reason this sticks in my mind was because they were very strict about hand luggage and made me check in my one bag intended as carry on luggage due to its weight. I’d bought the suitcase the week before specifically as it was the maximum size allowed for cabin luggage. What’s your experience of BMI?

BMI most punctual UK scheduled airline

Interesting to see that BA languished near the bottom of the pile with an average delay of 19 minutes.  The most punctual low cost airline is Jet2 with an average delay of 12 minutes.  Jet2 recently came top of a UK customer airline poll.  The other low cost carriers cam lower in the results with Ryanair sitting at delays of 15 minutes and Easyjet at 18 minutes.

BMI most punctual UK scheduled airline

2 thoughts on “BMI most punctual UK scheduled airline

  1. Kyle

    You only need to look at my most recent entries in my blog to see what I think of British Airways! I used to like them even when they were unpopular, but the last four years, I lost a lot of confidence in them.

    I’m now considering flying with Jet2 to Amsterdam and then from there to Tripoli, probably with KLM (another airline that I’m not fond of but marginally better than BA in my opinion).

  2. Karen Bryan

    I don’t know many people who are great BA fans, Kyle. I don’t think I have flown with them since Jan 2000. They offered the cheapest flights from Edinburgh to San Francisco via Heathrow. On the late evening domestic leg of the journey home, none of the luggage of connecting passengers made it to Edinburgh.I think we got it back a couple of days later. It was more the time queueing to to report the lost luggage, I objected to, as we just wanted to drive straight home and get to bed

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