Is Switzerland expensive for visitors?

Is Switzerland expensive for visitors?

I have started a course of online seminars about Switzerland run for the travel trade by the Swiss Tourist Board. I think that using the Swiss Pass to travel around the country by train, bus and boat would be a great trip. I visited Switzerland 30 years ago and thought it was very beautiful. I think that many people are put off visiting Switzerland because they think of it as an expensive destination. I am not sure if that is still the case. I know when I visited Gothenburg in Sweden, I didn’t find it more expensive than the UK.

Have you visited Switzerland recently, how did you find the prices?

Is Switzerland expensive for visitors?Is Switzerland expensive for visitors?

Is Switzerland expensive for visitors?

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  1. Kyle

    I remember on a skiing trip in Italy, in the town there was an option to cross the border into a neighbouring skiing area – I enquired prices and it turns out to be much more expensive to buy drinks and food.

    To date, it is still comparatively expensive to book a skiing holiday at a Swiss resort compared to the likes of France and Austria.

    I remember working in the French Alpes, and errands to Geneva was a slight nuisance because Switzerland is not in the EU.

    Having said that, I’ve not met anyone who has a bad word to say about Switzerland so I’m sure it is a very worthwhile destination. It would be interesting to know if you think it is comparatively expensive…

  2. Kyle

    The other thing, Scandinavian countries, in particular Norway, are not necessarily that expensive. To a tourist it is, but that’s only because they stay in touristy places or buy touristy goods. I researched hard in this aspect as I was offered to live and work in Norway but was concerned whether my associated pay rise would cover the increased cost of living.

  3. karen

    When I was in Sweden I was told that Norway is more expensive than Sweden and that many Norwegians come to Sweden to do shopping.

  4. Björn

    Not sure why you’re mentioning Sweden when you’re asking about Switzerland. Are you aware of the fact that these are two entirely different countries? Switzerland being a very tiny country, famous for it’s chocolate, banks and whatches, located in the Alps where three languages (german, italian and french) are spoken and Sweden, by European standards, being a quite large country (a lot larger than the UK and Germany, for example) where they speak Swedish, famous for it’s music industry, fashion designs, the Nobel Prize, massive amount of elks etc. located in Scandinavia in Northern Europe. Well, at least now you are aware. To answer your question: I have no idea if Switzerland is expensive but I do know that Sweden, where Gothenburg is located, is as expensive as the UK. Hope you appreciate my education and my answer. G’day mate.

  5. Karen Bryan

    Bjorn, sorry if I confused the issue by mentioning Sweden when I was writing about Switzerland. I merely gave Sweden as an example of an country which we Brits generally perceive as expensive, but in my experience is not more expensive that the UK. I wondered if the same thing might be the case with our perception of Switzerland as expensive?

  6. Scott

    Switzerland is an amazing holiday destination. It is affordable but not too very costly as most other tourist destinations.

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