Undersea cables better option than giant pylons

When I read this article stating that undersea cables are the most viable economic and environmental method of carrying electricity produced from renewable sources in the Western Isles to areas with a higher population, I wondered why the erection of giant pylons had been the initial proposal. The electricity generated by the giant wind farm in the Western Isles was to be brought onshore at Ullapool, then underground cable to Beauly near Inverness and the overground by giant pylon to central Scotland. I assume the undersea option would be a cable down the west coast of Scotland. Perhaps it is cheaper to erect pylons and then easier to repair and maintain them?

Certainly from a viewpoint of preserving the beautiful Scottish countryside an undersea cable would be preferable. I know sometimes when I have gone to take a photo, I’ve thought how much better the photo would be without the pylons, as illustrated below in this photo taken in Crieff, Perthshire, when I was attempting to capture the sunset over the hills.

Again it is a matter of balancing different needs. Scotland does want to be a leader in renewable energy, we all use plenty power in our everday lives and we want to enjoy unspoilt countryside.

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