Why do there appear to be more male than female bloggers?

Why do there appear to be more male than female bloggers?

As a female writing a blog for my travel business, it struck me when I was looking at the comments made on my blog that there were all from males. Now my blog is fairly new, started in October 2006, so it is hardly a statistically significant sample, with comments in the teens rather than thousands. I also thought of the contacts I have made with other travel blog authors and could only think of one female Pam Mandel the travel editor of Blogher.

I think that women are just as interested in travelling as men, therefore I would have expected blog authors and comments to be fairly equally distributed between the genders. In fact I read the results of survey in the Tourism Review Magazine that in mixed sex couples 60% of online travel bookings were made by women.

I decided to do a bit of research. Problogger has made similar observations but on a larger scale than me. In a online poll of 799 site visitors, 72% of respondents were male, 28% female. When they analaysed the gender of the 300 people leaving comments in one month, 90% were male and 10% female.

I can’t come up with any good explanation for this as it would appear women feel comfortable enough to make travel bookings online. Do women spend less time on the internet? I have read that successful blog authors spend two hours a day researching and writing posts and at least as much time reading and commenting on other blogs. Perhaps the majority of women don’t have this amount of free time or choose to spend their free time in other ways. Maybe equal numbers of males and females read blogs but fewer women are inclined to make comments or vote in online polls.

I am interested in hearing your opinion on this topic.

Why do there appear to be more male than female bloggers?

3 thoughts on “Why do there appear to be more male than female bloggers?

  1. Kyle

    Well, looking at Tom Reynold’s Random Acts of Reality, there seems to be a few female commentees, or they have female looking nicknames!

  2. Arnold

    I think that it depends on the type of blog.

    My guess is that most of the “journal” type blogs are written by women. Certainly if you look at the “American in Paris” ones almost all seem to be written by women as most fall into that journal category.

    On the other hand most really high traffic blogs are, on the whole, written by men. Well, those that I’ve come across are but then they are generally techie type ones so more than likely in a male dominated field.

    Even within a single blog the commenting varies by topic. I don’t have thousands of comments (yet!) to go on but I get the impression that some types of thing I write attract more males whilst others attract more females.

    I think I’d be needing a major increase in blog related income to consider 4 hours a day at it!

  3. karen

    I had a look at the blogs on the T list
    out of the 13 only one had a female author. What you say about the type of blog, Armold, is true. However I think that travel does not fall into the category of the male dominated field, borne out by the statistic about 60% of women in UK mixed sex couples book online travel for the couple.

    I don’t think ithat readers care whether a blog is written by a male or female, as long as it has useful and interesting posts. I am merely suprised and curious as to why the travel blogs authors I have encountered and the commentees (good word Kyle) I’ve observed are predominately male.

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